Student Storage

As a student living away from home it’s very easy to collect so many things that you simply can’t store anymore at your Halls of Residence or rented accommodation. We can help and at a price that will not break your student loan! Whatever your requirements, our friendly staff are here to help you decide what space is best for you.

Books, Furniture, Fragile Items or if you just need Short Term storage whilst moving to new accommodation, we will store it for you all safe and secure under our ever watchful eye 24 hours a day.

Storage whilst you're a student is vital if you need a safe and secure place to store your items in-between your years at university. Every time you finish university for a term, comes the dilemma on what's going to happen with your things - after all, leaving everything for weeks at a time is risky. You may be moving house next term, and who wants to be lugging all of their boxed belongings on the train or into a packed car? You may want to think about Summer Storage!

There's no need to worry about breaking the bank either, we offer great discounts to students all year around. We offer;

  • 20% off storage prices for students
  • 20% off things such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape
  • Free Van Hire when you move your things into storage (based on how long you stay and the size of room that you book)
So why not utilise some of our lockers, rooms or containers to your benefit? Our 25 sq. ft room can be yours from £4.00 a week, why don't you get 3 friends to go into storage with you? That's just £1.00 each per week!

For Student storage that’s right for you, contact us now.